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Upgrade your washroom: Frost Products’ automatic dispensers now offer cost-saving, versatile soap and sanitizer options

It is no secret that the pandemic changed the way we look at health and hygiene in our everyday lives as well as while at work. As employees and individuals continue to return to workplaces, there is an increased need for safer and healthier spaces. Research conducted by Gensler shows that employees expectations for their workplace have changed, and they would feel more comfortable returning to work that offers diverse work settings that contribute to high performance. Effective workplaces that offer a great experience provide a range of work settings from quiet zones and focus rooms to innovation hubs and maker spaces; and we see that the effectiveness of social, learning and in-person collaborative spaces are on the rise as a result. As organizations continue to emphasize these diverse in-person collaborative spaces, the need for proper hygienic solutions is critical to ensure and protect a high-performing team.  

Frost Products Ltd. is proud to offer a line of automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers that are not only practical and economical, but also incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide a hygienic user experience. One of the most significant benefits of this line of dispensers is the cross-compatible valve system, which allows for easy switching between liquid soap/sanitizer, foam soap/sanitizer, or spray options. This system provides a range of options for users and property managers, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution to avoid costly supply contracts. These dispensers are perfect for high volume areas requiring hands-free operation, such as schools, universities, airports, hospitals, restaurants, malls, office buildings, fitness facilities, daycares, and recreation centers.

The 714-S, has recently been redesigned to include the cross-compatible soap/sanitizer valves. With its sleek soap level indicator window and rounded edges, the 714-S has a modern appearance that will fit seamlessly into any environment. The dispenser is made of high-quality 304 brushed stainless steel and can be wall, mirror, or stand-mounted. Like all Frost dispensers it is non-proprietary, which can lead to cost savings for end-users and property managers. The dispenser has an 800 ml (27.1 fl oz) capacity, and its bulk-filled refillable soap/sanitizer reservoir allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. With a battery life of 1 year or 25,000 uses, the 714-S is a reliable and convenient solution to ensure individuals have the resources available to them to stay healthy while at work.

The 714-C is another excellent option in this line of dispensers. This unit’s hands-free operation makes it a practical solution that helps reduce the risk of infection from viral and bacterial diseases; thus helping keep users healthy and avoid costly absenteeism for employers. The 714-C can accommodate gel sanitizer or liquid soap solutions and can easily be converted to hold different forms of soap/sanitizer. The dispenser is made of robust high-quality ABS in white and has a bulk-filled reservoir that holds 500ml (16.9 fl oz.) of liquid soap and is one of the most affordable automatic dispenser options. The dispenser’s completely concealed wall mounting with no visible mounting screws makes it an attractive addition to any space.

Finally, the 717 universal automatic foam soap/sanitizer dispenser is an ideal solution for areas requiring a hands-free solution for their foam soaps and sanitizers. Foam soap is generally a cost-effective alternative to liquid soap and users tend to use less of it per interaction. The dispenser has an 800 ml (27.1 US fl oz) capacity. Its bulk-filled refillable soap/sanitizer reservoir allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. With a battery life of 1 year or 20,000 uses, the 717 is a reliable and cost-effective solution.

In summary, Frost Products Ltd. offers a line of automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers that are not only practical and economical but also incorporate cutting-edge technology. The cross-compatible valve system is a unique feature that sets these dispensers apart, allowing for easy switching between different forms of soap/sanitizer. With options for liquid soap/sanitizer, foam soap/sanitizer, and a spray option, these dispensers provide versatility and convenience for users and property managers. Choose from the 714-S, 714-C, or 717 dispensers to find the perfect solution for your needs.