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Access for All: Frost’s Code: 613 and 613-S Leading the Way in Menstrual Equity

In an era where menstrual equity stands as a central focus of Canadian society and legislation, Frost continues to be a trailblazer, offering innovative hygienic solutions that align seamlessly with the evolving landscape. Frost’s latest creations, the Code: 613 and Code: 613-S, are poised to revolutionize the way public spaces provide access to free menstrual care products, further bolstering the cause of menstrual equity. These sleek, practical, and proudly Canadian-made dispensers are expertly designed to securely house retail (non-commercially packaged) feminine tampons of various sizes.

Frost's commitment to aligning with and promoting the changing tides of Canadian legislation is evident in these products. Legislation supporting menstrual equity in Canada recognizes that access to menstrual care products is a fundamental right. Frost's Code: 613 and 613-S are not just practical solutions; they're a tangible embodiment of the policies designed to make menstrual products readily accessible in public spaces.

In addition to their compliance with evolving regulations, Frost's new offerings bring a host of benefits to organizations that choose to provide free tampons to their employees. Firstly, this approach fosters gender equality by acknowledging the unique needs of menstruating individuals, creating a more equitable and inclusive workplace environment. Secondly, it significantly enhances the overall well-being of employees by alleviating the stress and discomfort associated with menstruation, conveying a message that their comfort and health are valued. Finally, this initiative translates into higher productivity and increased engagement among employees. When the worry of procuring and affording menstrual products is removed, employees can focus more effectively on their tasks.

Frost's Code: 613 and 613-S are designed with user-friendliness as a priority, seamlessly integrating into various public spaces, including schools, office buildings, recreational facilities, and commercial properties. Constructed from robust 22-gauge steel and stainless steel, these units embody durability and reliability. Their surface-mounted design allows easy installation on a variety of wall materials and construction types. Transparent view windows enable users to monitor tampon levels, ensuring a consistent supply. Integrated door stops facilitate quick and easy replenishment, while keyed tumbler locks provide tamper-resistant protection. Most notably, these units accept retail tampons readily available at pharmacies or grocery stores, ensuring a constant supply and eliminating dependence on specialty suppliers. Frost's Code: 613 and 613-S are designed to dispense retail tampons free of charge, aligning perfectly with evolving legislation promoting menstrual equity. They can accommodate various tampon sizes, with a maximum individual tampon size of 5” (12.5cm) L x 1” (2.5cm) W.

With an MSRP of $189.00 for the Code: 613 and $199.00 for the Code: 613-S, Frost Products Ltd. offers accessible solutions that not only align with changing legislation but also deliver tangible benefits to employees and the broader community. The dedication to providing convenient and accessible solutions positions Frost as a key player in advancing menstrual equity and fostering more inclusive, supportive environments for all.