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Double Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser

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Product Code: 150
Product Name: Double Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser
Single Carton UPC: 624622150006
Single Carton Shipping Dimensions: 7.6cm H x 29.2cm W x 11.4cm D (3″ H x 11.5″ W x 4.5″ D)
Single Carton Shipping Weight: 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)

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Frost’s 150 double roll toilet tissue dispenser is a high quality, durable and affordable product. This unit is ideal for areas requiring a heavy duty economical dispenser. Typically, the dispenser is used in schools/universities, restaurants, malls, office buildings, condominiums, fitness facilities, and recreation centres. The product’s ease of use and maintenance make this unit a cost effective solution.


  • Straightforward design makes this product user friendly and also reduces the risk of product malfunction
  • Non-proprietary dispenser which can lead to cost savings for end users and property managers
  • Toilet paper holder has concealed self-locking device to prevent pilferage and vandalism
  • Front loading for easy service and maintenance
  • Tension springs reduce paper consumption and stops free-wheeling


This product dispenses toilet paper manually. This dispenser is also non-proprietary; meaning, this product can dispense paper from any standard commercial paper producer. This allows the end user to avoid getting locked into paper supply contracts and should save them money on their janitorial supplies. The unit is manually operated and can be refilled by pressing the steel flap on the roll of the dispenser. The side of the unit will then pivot open and new tissue can be inserted.


  • Frost code 150 will dispense all standard toilet tissue rolls including 10.7cm x 11.4cm (4″ x 4½″), 500 sheet rolls
  • Capacity of two rolls per unit


  • The entire unit is all welded construction of 18 gauge steel
  • The arms are hinged on hardened steel rivets
  • The unit is finished in polished chrome

Product Dimensions

  • 7.0cm H x 27.9cm W x 11.2cm D (2.75″ H x 11″ W x 4.4″ D)

Product Weight

  • 0.9 kg (2.0 lbs)

Installation Guidelines

For unrestricted access, roll should be mounted at least 48.3cm (19″) above the finished floor. This dispenser comes with two standard combination style screws. Mark mounting holes against the mounting surface using a pencil and level. Use a screwdriver or power drill to drill screws in the desired mounting surface and attach the dispenser. Please note that it is recommended that all installations be conducted by a qualified tradesperson. Please read and follow any additional installation guidelines provided with the products.


Normal preventative maintenance and cleaning will keep Frost products functioning properly and may extend normal product life. Products should be wiped down with a damp soft cloth periodically. Approved stainless steel cleaner may be used to clean scuffs or fingerprints on stainless surfaces. Do not use harsh detergents or chemical cleaners. For general dirt and blemishes on painted steel or plastic use warm water and mild soap, or a general mild cleaning solution. When using any type of cleaning solution, spray onto a discrete area to test before full usage. After the cleaning agent is applied, wipe off with a clean soft cloth or sponge.


If any product or part proves to be defective within 12 months from date of shipment from the factory it will be repaired or replaced without any charge including freight costs when authorized. Costs resulting from the installation or removal of defective products are not covered under this warranty. Discolouration to stainless steel parts resulting from exposure to harsh environmental and / or chemicals are not considered to be defects in workmanship or material and are not covered under warranty.

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