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Frost Sanitization

The COVID19 Pandemic has reminded us of the importance of cleanliness and sanitization in the workplace and public settings. Frost's team of design engineers have been focusing on creating durable new products to support our customers' growing sanitization needs.

In 2020, Frost has released several new manual and automatic bulk filled sanitizer dispensers, along with a high quality, professional, steel sanitizer dispenser stand. Frost has also created a hands-free bathroom door opener with our new code 1148.

In response to ongoing demand for hands-free waste receptacles, Frost is please to announce our new line of pedal operated waste cans. The new code 305 waste receptacle has flexible labeling to allow to the user to choose between regular waste, recycling, personal protective equipment, organics, or bio-hazard. The large toe pedal and hidden spring-loaded mechanisms eliminate pinch points. Dampers provide smooth and quiet opening and closing of the lid. Canadian made out of heavy 22 gauge steel provides long term durability and fire protection. It has a large capacity and includes both a bag holder ring and plastic liner, which means less frequent changing of bags.

• Large foot pedal with toe guard
• Spring loaded hidden operating mechanisms eliminate pinch points
• Dampers provide smooth and quiet opening and closing
• Flexible labeling included in two sizes (Waste, Recycling, PPE, Organics, and Biohazard)
• Comes with bag holder apparatus and plastic liner
• Plastic gliders protect floors
• Canadian made of all welded 22 gauge steel
• Complies with OSHA standards for containment of infectious waste

• The waste receptacle has a total capacity of 95.1 litres (25.1 US gal, 20.9 Imp. gal).
• Liner capacity of 58.2 litres (15.5 US gal, 12.8 Imp gal).

Stay safe and healthy,

Jamie Biggar

Director of Sales and Marketing