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COVID-19 Update

Currently, news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is increasing speculation about the potential impact on business operations nationwide. We want to assure you that Frost Products Ltd. is taking appropriate precautions to not only protect our employees, customers, and business partners, but also to continue to meet your business needs. We are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and have implemented every possible precaution to prevent the spread of any infectious diseases. Additionally we understand that business must continue to operate and the supply chain must maintain functionality.

We have implemented a quarantine policy if any of our staff were to be infected as well for those who have recently traveled. We have also stepped up controls for guests entering and exiting our facilities, while increasing the quantity of hand sanitation stations available in our production facilities and offices. We have educated our staff of hygienic best practices that are recommended by the CDC and are mandating strict washing and sanitizing policies. 

At present, we remain fully operational and are here to support and serve you during this challenging time. As the situation evolves, we are closely monitoring updates from governments and health authorities and we are prepared to adapt policies and procedures in accordance with government recommendations. We will continue to communicate significant updates with you as they arise. 

As part of any Crisis Management Plan, it is important that we are considering the needs of all of our valued customers and are being proactive in addressing them. As such, we ask for your patience during this stressful time. Though we have been proactive in securing necessary raw materials to limit any production delays, we recognize that the global market forecast is increasingly uncertain and for that reason we ask for your patience in any fulfillment delays. Any forecasted demand on our customers behalf will be extremely helpful as we navigate this uncertainty and make the appropriate arrangements.