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Breathing New Life into Hand Hygiene: Where Clean Air Meets Clean Hands!

In the world of hand hygiene, Frost Products has consistently been a trailblazer, pushing boundaries of innovation and quality. Frost’s latest offering, the 1199 HEPA PURE High-Speed Automatic Hand Dryer with UVC Light, is set to raise the bar even higher. Anticipated to be in stock by early September 2023, this cutting-edge hand dryer aims to redefine the way hand drying and cleanliness are perceived.

At the core of the 1199 HEPA PURE Hand Dryer is its unique ability to deliver not only high-speed performance but also exceptional cleanliness. It achieves this by utilizing advanced technologies, including a HEPA filter and UVC light, working in harmony to ensure that the air blown onto users' hands is not only fast but also impeccably clean.

Frost’s mission was to redefine cleanliness with this dryer. It can eliminate over 99.9% of bacteria, a level of purity that's crucial in today's world. But it doesn't stop there; the HEPA filter filters over 99.9% of PM2.5 particles, providing truly pure air. The UVC LED light isn't just an additional feature; it runs tirelessly and operates only internally keeping users hands safe. It cleans the filter for 5 minutes every hour, ensuring the HEPA filter remains in pristine condition, ready to deliver the purest air possible.

However, Frost didn't solely focus on cleanliness; this dryer was designed with the user experience in mind. In today's touchless world, this dryer is ahead of the curve with its touchless operation. The dryer offers customizable features including adjustable airspeed and temperature controls allowing users to truly tailor their experience. Additionally, the 1199 HEPA PURE Hand Dryer is one of the fastest on the market with a 10-second drying time, even outpacing the Dyson Airblade V.

Worried about noise? Don't be. The patented low noise air inlet ensures a quieter operation than both the Dyson Airblade V and the Excel XLERATOR with HEPA, with a sound level ranging from 69 dB to 73 dB at 1m. Because accessibility is so vital, the dryer is ADA compliant, ensuring accessibility for all, which is uncommon amongst other competing brands.

Frost is dedicated to upholding high standards of quality. The 1199 has garnered a range of certifications, including UL, CE, EMC, LVD, CB, WEEE, and ROHS, demonstrating its quality and commitment to the most stringent safety standards.

So, where can you find Frost's HEPA PURE Hand Dryer? These high-speed automatic hand dryers are the perfect choice for high-volume areas where hygiene is paramount. Whether it's schools/universities, recreation centers, hospitals, fitness facilities, cinemas, restaurants, or airports, Frost's 1199 HEPA PURE Hand Dryer delivers both speed and cleanliness.

In summary, Frost Products reaffirms its trusted standing in the industry through outstanding performance, meticulous design, and an unwavering commitment to hygiene. The Frost 1199 HEPA PURE High-Speed Automatic Hand Dryer with UVC Light is poised to redefine hand drying and hygiene standards. Keep an eye out for it, expected in stock by early September 2023, and be prepared to experience a new level of clean.