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1125 Baby Change Table Redesign

Frost is proud to announce a redesign of our 1125 Kidz Zone baby change table. The product will retain its sku number and UPC code. We have also been able to keep pricing the same, despite numerous upgrades. The new 1125 boasts a sleeker design while not sacrificing strength. The product offers duel liner dispensers, convenient bag holders, and an easy to clean child safety strap. The door has smooth opening and closing via its steel-on-steel and pneumatic gas shock hinges. The body of the product is made from bacterial resistant high-density polyethylene, which has been approved by the FDA. The 1125 meets or exceeds ASTM F2285 requirements for weight and has a static load capacity of 250lbs (115kg). Intended for children 3.5 years old and under and weighing less than 50 lbs.
This product meets A.D.A. standards due to its slim profile of 10.2cm (4”) when closed. The safety strap can also by operated by one hand, meeting A.D.A. standards. The recommended mounting height for A.D.A. compliance is 107cm (42”). If mounted correctly the product is compliant to the following A.D.A. sections:

  • 3 – Knee Clearance
  • 2 – Maximum Protruding Objects
  • 2 – Froward Reach
  • 3 – Side Reach
  • 4 – Operation
  • 3 – Work Surface

This unit also has ANSI Z535.2 and Z535.4 complaint safety labels. Warning labels in English, French, and Spanish. The product meets or exceeds ASTM F2285 safety specifications for weight for commercial baby changing stations. The product meets or exceeds ASTM G21 Anti-Bacterial with no measurable bacterial growth. The product meets of exceeds ASTM G22 Anti-Fungal with no measurable fungal growth. Finally, the 1125 change station is compliant to applicable sections of CPSIA.

The new style 1125 is now in stock and ready to ship. For more information, to download the Specification/Installation page, or to view the various photos please visit BABY CHANGE TABLE

Jammie Biggar
Director of Sales & Marketing